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This is where you tell your backstory, Dylan.

Well, it’s ‘Art for Art’s sake’, isn’t it

…or something like this:

I started creating body art…..

You can make your website everything you want it to be – build a community and sell your art at the price that it deserves.

Please note that the mock-ups I have included here are based on very low-resolution images I’ve taken from your Facebook page, so they don’t appear the best they can. Highest resolution images will ensure your pictures will fill the maximum print area on the products you choose to sell.

I work closely with a graphic designer who would be happy to render your images for print on apparel so as to lose the rectangular nature of your work. You might consider producing some artwork – even your tattoo designs – especially for a tee-shirt collection which works better without borders.

Don’t be alarmed at the sight of your art ‘apparently’ for sale – this is a site I have put together for you to consider whether you’d like to sell your work this way – via your own website space.

The latest analysis of online markets by the key influencer, Rand Fishkin, clearly signals the need for all businesses to focus on their own website performance in 2019 and beyond. Research shows that businesses relying on social media are getting less organic exposure and only show up in paid for, targeted advertising campaigns if they bid the highest and figures are beginning to show little to nil Return On Investment in ad spend.

In short, you’re better off taking the initiative yourself and working to nurture your existing ‘tribe’ of followers, and further attract, engage and convert new visitors to your own website into paying customers and delighted fans of your work.

Note, you can create and target specific pages on your website to ‘position’ your work in front of the eyeballs of people you want to attract to your art – even the celebrities themselves!

Have fun!

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